GALVESTON - Galveston resident Chris Arneson's lawsuit alleging improper HVAC installation was disposed, according to recent court documents.

Arneson submitted a notice to nonsuit Standard Renewable Energy, SRE3 GP and Gridpoint Inc. with prejudice before Galveston County Court at Law No. 3 on Feb. 22, closing the litigation after more than five months.

The plaintiff originally sued the three entities last Sept. 9, alleging the defendants sought to recover the full contract price plus 33 1/3 percent from him though they did not complete the installation in question.

Papers filed at the time showed Arneson first contracted with Standard to obtain distributed energy services in an effort to save on costs and entered into an agreement with the business in October 2009 for the purchase and installation of a water furnace HVAC system.

According to the original petition, both parties had previously entered into a contract for a solar power system, but the transaction was nixed when the utility rebate first promised to Arneson fell through so the plaintiff requested his previous down payment of $8,621 be applied to the HVAC system contract instead.

Arneson claimed Standard made communication difficult, stating the company frequently ignored the complainant's e-mails and would fail to follow through with its representations when it tended to the messages.

The suit explained that Standard delivered and set the water furnace units as well as partially installed duct work and piping in late 2009 while one of its subcontractors completed the piping installation and performed necessary drilling work, however, the former business failed to finish the installation within a 45-day window.

Defendant Gridpoint acquired Standard in early 2010 though the latter did not perform any work under the HVAC contract, the complaint stated.

Arneson stated the supposedly botched performance prompted him to pay approximately $20,000 to bring in others to complete the project.

The respondents denied all allegations and requested a jury trial in an original answer filed Oct. 7, 2011.

Cause No. 65,971

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