MARSHALL - A former Bank of America branch manager has filed an age and racial discrimination lawsuit after she was allegedly terminated for not meeting job expectations.

Donna Mulholland filed suit against Bank of America N.A. on April 4 in the Marshall Division of the Eastern District of Texas.

Mulholland began working as a teller in 1979 and through a series of mergers she was employed by Bank of America in 1988.

According to the lawsuit, she claims she has worked as a branch manager for the past several years and has been continuously awarded for her dedication to her job, work performance and her ability to be a team player.

Mulholland was terminated in December 2010, allegedly for failing to meet the year end goals and objectives. However, Mulholland claims this reason is pretextual as other branch managers, whose performance was the same or worse than hers, were not terminated.

Mulholland argues that the termination was discrimination due to her age - over 40 - and her race - African-American.

The defendant is accused of violating the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and violating Mulholland's civil rights.

The plaintiff is seeking an award of damages for lost wages and benefits, loss of social security benefits, interest, liquidated damages, and attorney's fees.

Mulholland is represented by Scott C. Skelton and Erika L. Neill of Zeleskey Law Firm in Lufkin.

A jury trial is requested.

U.S. District Judge Michael H. Schneider is assigned to the case.

Case No. 2:12-cv-00174

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