GALVESTON - Galveston Automotive Professionals Inc. and its agent, Galveston resident John Eanes, have submitted an original answer to Kayla Langford's personal injury lawsuit against them.

The defendants' four-page document, filed April 2 in Galveston County Court at Law No. 2, counters Langford's claims of sustaining a head injury more than a year ago at their place of business.

In her suit, Langford alleges that the garage door at the defendants' premises hit her on the head on Dec. 14, 2010, as she exited after making a delivery.

She insists the door was the only way to access or leave the place.

"While she was exiting, plaintiff Kayla Langford was suddenly and without warning struck in the head by the industrial metal garage door knocking her to the ground, causing a severe laceration to her head," the original petition says.

"The garage door was automatically closed by a garage door opener pushed by an employee of the business that was physically inside of the building."

According to the defendants' response, the conditions of which Langford complains were open and obvious and the subject accident was unavoidable.

They also deny that conditions posed an unreasonable risk of harm given the circumstances.

Mills Shirley L.L.P. is representing the defendants.

Cause No. 67,096

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