One local attorney appears to be on the lam after being indicted last week for allegedly taking a client's money, while another lawyer already in jail faces more charges of illegal conduct.

Kevin "Kip" Lamb, 56, was indicted May 3 on misapplication of fiduciary funds, a first-degree felony.

Criminal District Court Judge John Stevens issued a warrant for Lamb's arrest on Thursday after he was indicted. Law enforcement officers have been unable to locate the attorney and Lamb is still at large.

He is accused of taking more than $200,000 that was held in trust for a client.

In February, the Southeast Texas Record reported that a local church filed a suit against Lamb, alleging he took Hurricane Ike insurance settlement funds that were supposed to be held in a trust for the church.

Record staff was told by the district attorney's office that the indictment is under seal, so it cannot verify if the indictment stems from the same charges named in the lawsuit.

In other news relating to attorney activity in Jefferson County, Glen Engle has been indicted again.

Already facing charges of impersonating a pubic official, forgery and tampering with a government document and currently serving time in jail for contempt of court, Engle was indicted April 26 on another charge of tampering with a government document.

Engle allegedly asked a prosecutor to change the offer in one of his cases. When that prosecutor refused, he went to another prosecutor and said the other had agreed to the change.

Engle's client then entered a plea based on the allegedly fraudulent agreement.

He has a May 21 trial date for earlier charges. Engle, 56, is currently serving a 180-day sentence on a contempt of court charge for lying to a judge about his legal representation.

In April 2011, a Jefferson County grand jury indicted Engle for impersonating a public official by using the name of his brother's ex-girlfriend to get a notary public certificate. 

Charges state he then used that certificate to notarize documents that he presented in court.

He was also indicted for forgery and tampering with a government document.

Engle allegedly presented a forged affidavit to the court during a hearing concerning a child custody case.

The professional rating site AVVO indicates Engle has previously been cited for professional misconduct by a state disciplinary authority, including a partially probated suspension in 2010 and a public reprimand in 2005.

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