GALVESTON - League City resident Robin Slusher claims she is the target of discriminatory and retaliatory treatment as an employee with the Texas Department of Family Protective Services, recent court documents say.

A lawsuit filed July 17 in Galveston federal court asserts Slusher, a white female, received mistreatment on the job because of her race, stating the plaintiff faced "different terms, conditions, and privileges of employment as compared to similarly situated non-Caucasian co-workers, particularly African-American co-workers."

TDFPS employed Slusher since Feb. 16, 1990.

According to the original petition, Slusher's supervisor in Child Protective Services, an African-American female, threatened Slusher with disciplinary action for infractions it insists were not true while not doing the same for non-Caucasian employees in similar situations.

Slusher adds the supervisor micro-managed her time and leave and deprived her of necessary training for certification.

The superior "was also known to use racially derogatory language that created a hostile work environment for Caucasian employees," the suit says.

The plaintiff claims she attempted to apply for a supervisor position in 2009 only to be denied as a result of a negative reference from the supervisor supposedly behind the discriminatory behavior.

Slusher says she tried to transfer, but would be allowed to do so if she accepted a demotion.

Fearing of losing her employment with the defendant, the plaintiff agreed to the demotion, "which resulted in a reduction in her compensation and duties that were more physically demanding," the suit says.

The complainant states her complaints were met with retribution, including but not limited to the termination of a colleague who served as a witness and six months probation for allegedly not meeting a deadline to complete an assessment and promptly move a child out of a home.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney David J. Quan with the Law Office of David J. Quan in Houston is representing Slusher.

Case No. 3:12-cv-221

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