What are friends and family saying about grandma?

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 25, 2012

Isn’t it sad about grandma? She was such a good woman – a good mother and grandmother. Why did she change so? It was as if she was a different person all of a sudden and the woman we all loved had never existed. 

It started with the lawsuit. She said she’d slipped and fallen at the store, and apparently she had, but was she hurt as bad as she said? She kept carrying that cane around long after she needed it.

Sure, she had some medical expenses, but she wasn’t permanently disabled or even seriously injured. And how much “mental suffering” did she really have? How much was her “earning capacity” diminished? She was retired, after all.

And it wasn’t like the store personnel had spilt that drink on the floor or deliberately left it there for someone to slip on. But she made out in court like they’d done it all on purpose, like they intentionally set traps for their customers so they could watch when they slipped and fell.

Do you think she did it for the money? Her income was adequate. She had more than enough to pay her bills and live comfortably. Was she dropping dollars by the dozens in the slot machines at the casino? Had she signed up for some overpriced package of ballroom dance lessons? Was she making extravagant donations to that cheesy televangelist she liked so much?

Why did the kindest woman in the world suddenly become the greediest?

Such are the thoughts that could come to mind when a family member or friend gets lawsuit fever.

It’s something Doris Porter Limbrick might want to think about as she presses her suit against the Beaumont Sam’s Club.

Doris claims to have slipped on a spilt drink there and is suing the store for medical expenses, physical pain, mental suffering, physical impairment, loss of earning capacity, reduced ability to perform household services, interest and court costs.

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