While in her Sunday high heels, Dianna Jeanmard punctured a church walking mat and tripped. 

On Oct. 8 Jeanmard filed suit against St. James United Methodist Church in Jefferson County District Church, alleging the place of worship was negligent in allowing a type of mat that could not withstand high heels.

According to the lawsuit, on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011, Jeanmard stepped onto a mat at St. James’ building wearing heels, which punctured the mat and caught her shoe, causing her to fall forward and sustain bodily injury.

In her suit, Jeanmard asserts St. James is negligent in allowing a type of mat not capable of withstanding high heels near an area frequented by women wearing heels.

The suit further alleges the church negligently failed to warn her of the danger and failed to inspect and maintain its premises.

Jeanmard is suing for her past and future medical expenses and impairment.

Adam Terrell of Weller, Green, Toups and Terrell in Beaumont represents her.

Judge Gary Sanderson, 6oth District Court, is assigned to the case.

Case No. B193-274

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