Letter to the Editor: Protect tort reform

By The SE Texas Record | Oct 25, 2012

To the Editor: 

As a former business owner and a mom, I'm paying close attention to the November general election. We are so blessed in Texas to have a strong economy and to be a place that employers - and jobs - want to be. Our strong economy supports businesses, and those businesses provide jobs that workers and families here depend upon.

But starting in 2013, our future in Texas will hinge on a slew of new state lawmakers - many of whom will likely be conservative but will not be steeped in the history of what we've accomplished in this state on a key issue that has helped us create jobs and increase access to health care: lawsuit reform.

It's critically important that we know where our candidates stand on this issue. For me, and for other small business owners and the families who depend upon them, I want to know if they will work to protect the common-sense legal reforms we've worked so hard to pass in Texas.

Where does your candidate stand? It's time to ask them.

Jill Shackelford

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas

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