GALVESTON - A two-vehicle accident in Hitchcock two years ago which purportedly injured two men has resulted in a lawsuit, recent court records show. 

Joseph "Jay" Seymour and Melvin Seymour are suing Wesley Wayne Barnett for the collision in question, claiming he "made an illegal abrupt right turn."

The suit, filed Nov. 12 in Galveston County District Court, shows Jay Seymour was driving his 1991 Ford Ranger with Melvin Seymour as his passenger eastbound on a stretch of Highway 6 on Nov. 11, 2010.

Meanwhile, Barnett, operating a black 2005 Chevrolet pickup with a Bane trailer attached, was in front of the plaintiffs when "suddenly and without warning" he switched to the right from the left lane and into the driveway of the Mediterranean Meat Market, the original petition says.

The complainants say Jay Seymour tried to take evasive action to no avail "but the defendant had cut right in front of him and there was a light mist falling."

"There was not enough space to avoid the collision on a bone dry road, and the collision totaled Mr. Seymour's vehicle," the suit states.

It adds Melvin Seymour was transported to the hospital afterwards.

Consequently, the plaintiffs seek unspecified monetary damages.

They are represented by attorney Jon Alworth with The Alworth Law Firm in Houston.

Galveston County 56th District Court Judge Lonnie Cox is presiding over the case.

Case No. 12-CV-2770

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