HOUSTON - After the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System allegedly terminated her because of her ethnic origin, Chastity B. Labbe has filed a lawsuit. 

Recent court papers filed Nov. 28 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas claim that MMHS discriminated against Labbe, who is of African descent, prior to firing her.

MHHS hired Labbe to an ultrasound technician position on Jan. 19, 2007.

The suit states she was qualified for the job and was healthy enough to perform the duties and responsibilities associated with it.

According to the original petition, the plaintiff was the receiving end of "many illegal acts" including but not limited to:

  • Many instances of not following MHHS written procedures and policies; and

  • Many instances of creating documentation, as a pretext, to acts of discrimination.

"MHHS, openly discriminated against Labbe, in its administration of employment policies," the suit says.

Labbe adds the respondent never gave her any prior written warnings and overlooked errors of workers not of the same ethnic background as her.

"MHHS was negligent in the hiring, promotion and retention of the offending employees," the suit says.

She was "illegally" terminated on May 11, 2009.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney Ronald J. Merriweather of Houston is representing Labbe.

Case No. 4:12-CV-3478

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