Dinosaur Day, the Texas Energy Museum's annual outdoor program of hands-on activities about dinosaurs and fossils, will be held on the grounds of the Museum in downtown Beaumont 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 26.

The free educational program features outdoor activities for children to learn about dinosaurs and how fossils are found and studied. Under the direction of Lamar University Earth Science students, children can assist paleontologists clean dinosaur bones and learn the field techniques for removing large fossils from dig sites.

Every visitor can help make and paint huge papier-mache dinosaurs and excavate their own dinosaur replica from a “fossil-pit." Children's take-home activities include making paper rubbings of fossils, creating a stegosaurus hat, casting fossilized shells, and making fossil replicas.

Dr. Jim Westgate, Professor of Geology at Lamar University, will present information on “dinosaur-hunting” and help identify fossils brought by visitors.


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