A man claiming a former female employer has harassed him after her termination from his company is now facing allegations that he is the one doing all the harassing and even went as far as threatening to kill the woman he sued.

As previously reported, Roosevelt Petry Jr. filed a lawsuit July 16 in Jefferson County District Court against Dawana K. Wise.

A week later, Wise filed a counterclaim and request for restraining order on July 23, asserting that Petry is dangerous, court records show.

In his complaint, Petry alleges Wise had worked for his company, GP Industrial Contractors, but was fired. Shortly after her termination, Wise began to engage in a series of harassing, threatening and embarrassing actions, according to the complaint.

Following her termination, Wise has allegedly continually called Petry on his cell and business phones and has repeatedly sent him emails and text messages that usually include pornographic and lewd material, the suit states. Petry has attempted to avoid the phone calls and messages, but says their constant nature make it difficult to do so, he claims.

Petry also details in his suit that on one occasion he was at a public building, Club Tiffany, in Port Arthur when he went to the men’s restroom. While Petry was in the bathroom, Wise entered the facility and began cursing and berating him to the extent that the police had to be called, according to the complaint.

However, according to the counterclaim, Wise asserts Petry “exaggerated” the incident but does admit to scolding Petry for his conduct toward Kerry Thomas, a close friend of Wise and Port Arthur city council member.

In her counterclaim, Wise says she and Petry had a relationship from October 2006 to September 2012, when she decided to end things. She denies the allegations of continuous harassing calls, saying she called him in March but Petry hung up before a conversation could take place.

She also says she resigned from her employment to form her own competing company.

In fact, Wise accuses Petry of stalking her since early July, alleging Petry “has constantly circled and driven by” her home and place of business.

“In December of 2012, … Petry came to cross-plaintiff’s business and actually threatened to kill her,” the counterclaims states, adding that he has an “ungovernable temper” and could actually be dangerous.
Wise is seeking a restraining order against Petry on these grounds.

Conversely, Petry asserts Wise has also entered his home and destroyed most of the property he was renting at the time, causing him to reimburse the landlord, the suit states.

Although Petry has repeatedly attempted to ask Wise to cease her conduct, she has failed to do so, the complaint says. Therefore, Petry says he has no remedy other than to file his lawsuit against her.

In his complaint, Petry also seeks an injunction ordering Wise to cease communication with him and to stop following him, coming to his residence or business, slandering him or harassing him in any manner. He also seeks costs, attorney’s fees and other relief the court deems just.

Carl A. Parker of The Parker Law Firm in Port Arthur represents him.

Wise is represented by Beaumont attorney Frank Adams of the Law Offices of Adams & Adams.

Judge Bob Wortham, 58th District Court, is assigned to the case.

Case No. A194-537

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