A suit alleging a woman was routinely exposed to asbestos due to her father’s employment at area facilities was been transferred to the Multidistrict Litigation Panel in Houston.

As previously reported, Roger Young, representing the estate of Melissa Young, filed suit against Chevron USA and Owens-Illinois on April 24 in Jefferson County District Court.

Court records show a notice of transfer under Rule 13 as a tag-along case was filed on June 14,

The notice states the case has been transferred to the asbestos MDL pre-trial Judge Mark Davidson in Harris County.

The lawsuit alleges Melissa’s father worked as welder at the Chevron refinery, where he was exposed to asbestos. He then brought the asbestos home on his work clothes, exposing his daughter.

The suit alleges Chevron was negligent in exposing workers to asbestos and failing to warn them of the health dangers.

The suit also faults Owens-Illinois for negligently manufacturing and selling asbestos products.

Roger alleges the defendants acted with malice, entitling him to exemplary damages.

Attorney Aaryn Giblin of the Beaumont law firm Provost Umphrey represents him.

Judge Gary Sanderson, 6oth District Court, will preside over the litigation if the case is transferred back to Jefferson County.

Case No. B192-359

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