HOUSTON - A Houston woman claims an insurance company fired her because she sought accommodations for her health problems, recent court documents say.

Mary Nabors filed suit against Germania Farm Mutual Insurance Association on Jan. 11 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas.

According to the suit, the former publications and editorial coordinator experienced the death of her father in July 2010 and subsequently suffered anxiety, depression and acute fibromyalgia.

Nabors took about two weeks of sick leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, the suit states.

She returned to work in August 2010 only for the defendant's management to treat her differently, the suit says.

According to the original petition, Germania did things to her such as quiz her over common work issues and exclude her from meetings and training exercises as well as illegally disclosed her personal medical information to a co-worker.

It further explains that Nabors's family physician diagnosed her with degenerative disc disease in September 2010 yet her requests to change how she worked to benefit her condition were ignored, adding the respondent continued to mistreat her until the next month when it terminated her.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney Martin A. Shellist with Shellist Lazarz Slobin LLP in Houston is representing the complainant.

Case No. 4:13-CV-0091

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