HOUSTON - A Pasadena police officer seeks damages in response to his alleged demotion, recent court documents say.

In court papers filed Jan. 28 in Houston federal court, Alberto Galvan claims the city of Pasadena discriminated against him because of his race and gender when it transferred him from the police department's juvenile division to patrol more than two years ago.

The defendant hired Galvan, who is of Mexican origin, in April 1997.

He was assigned to PPD's domestic violence unit at the time of the events that are the focus of the litigation.

Galvan explains that prior to leaving the unit, his former partner, a female detective, made inappropriate advances toward him.

Upon his continuous refusal, according to the suit, the detective repeatedly harassed the plaintiff and filed several "frivolous" internal complaints against him.

Both individuals were ordered to stay away from each other, but the colleague continued to seek out Galvan, the original petition says.

The suit additionally recalls times in which a juvenile division sergeant referred to Galvan as his "token Mexican" in the presence of other detectives, asserting said sergeant tried to prevent the plaintiff from returning to the division.

A complaint from the detective who purportedly harassed Galvan prompted the defendant to place him back on patrol, it states.

Meanwhile, Galvan's own complaint about sexual harassment reportedly earned him a suspension.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney Ryan W. Gertz with Gertz Adair Law Firm in Beaumont is representing Galvan.

Case No. 4:13-CV-212

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