Believing an intoxicated minor killed her son Jesse Sawyer, Nanette Sawyer has filed a petition for depositions before suit to investigate a potential claim.

The petition, filed Jan. 30 in Jefferson County District Court, seeks the depositions of Tyler Ramirez and Denissa English.

According to the petition, Jesse Sawyer was killed in an auto pedestrian incident on April 25, 2011, when Ramirez struck him with his vehicle.

The District Attorney’s investigation indicates English provided alcohol to Ramirez, a minor at the time of the incident, the petition states.

Nanette Sawyer seeks to investigate the matter to avoid filing a groundless lawsuit against a party who bears no responsibility.

She is asking the court to authorize the depositions.

Nederland attorney Trent Devenzio of the Branick, Walston & Devenzio law firm represents her.

Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court, is assigned to the case.

Case No. E193-871

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