GALVESTON - The defendants in a September 2012 lawsuit over a multi-vehicle wreck in Texas City recently had their motion to designate a responsible third party approved, recent court records show. 

Galveston County Court at Law No. 3 Judge Christopher Dupuy issued an order last month in favor of La Marque residents Dallas Ann Bleimeyer and Rudy Delmos Bleimeyer's request to include Texas City local Priscilla Kirby in the litigation.

Sharrise Walker Cotton is suing Dallas Bleimeyer for the May 11, 2011, incident in question which occurred at Emerald Oaks Drive near Amburn Road.

According to Cotton's original petition, Dallas Bleimeyer hit the back of a vehicle driven by Kirby, which "forcibly" lost control and "violently" collided with the driver's side of the plaintiff's vehicle.

Cotton, who reportedly had a minor passenger in the front seat, states she was legally stopped at the specified location prior to the subject event.

She and the child suffered injuries to their necks, backs and general bodies, the suit says.

Police cited Dallas Bleimeyer for failing to control her speed.

Meanwhile, Rudy Bleimeyer is blamed for negligently entrusting his vehicle to Dallas Bleimeyer.

The defendants provided an original answer two weeks after the litigation was launched.

Cotton amended her petition twice.

In their third party motion filed Feb. 8, the respondents assert that Kirby "accelerated" her car into the plaintiffs' van after she was supposedly hit by Dallas Bleimeyer.

They add Kirby failed to apply her brakes during the process.

Attorney Jay Benton Matte with Meynier, Nohinek, Matte & Liber in Houston is representing the defendants.

Cause No. 68,294

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