GALVESTON - A late 2012 lawsuit arising from an alleged $74,658 debt has come to a close. 

Galveston County 56th District Court Judge Lonnie Cox ruled in favor of plaintiffs Barbara and Carl Valentino on Feb. 26, approving their motion for default judgment against defendant Jeff Barosh.

The Valentinos sued Barosh, doing business as Lawn Rangers, on Dec. 13 alleging he was responsible for nearly $75,000 in damages to leased property in Galveston County, according to the suit.

Barosh leased the premises in League City from the plaintiffs in May 2006.

He had an agreement with the couple, which was in effect from May 1, 2006, to April 30, 2007, that stated he was allowed to use 50 percent of the warehouse and personal items contained in the property.

According to the suit, the defendant vacated the place in the middle of the current lease term of May 1, 2012, to April 30, 2013, and failed to pay the $1,800 deposit for the month of July.

The original petition further explained that the Valentinos conducted an inspection which revealed “numerous” damages including but not limited to a large amount of debris stored in the warehouse and on the acreage after the respondent's departure.

The Valentinos insisted their discovery proved Barosh did not abide by the lease and that he ignored their demands for payment, the suit says.

Meanwhile, the defendant did not formally counter the claims against him.

On Feb. 21, the complainants entered the motion in response to Barosh's apparent failure to address the litigation.

Case No. 12-CV-3102

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