SHERMAN - A nurse has filed a lawsuit against her home health employer claiming that she and other nurses were not paid for any overtime hours that they worked. 

Felicia Shynett, on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated, filed suit against JJEA LLC and Elizabeth Voss, individually, on March 29 in the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Division.

Shynett worked for ARC Home Health as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and claims that the defendant failed to pay her and other nurses for their overtime hours worked.

According to the lawsuit, the nurses worked in excess of 40 hours per week and were not compensated for overtime hours at one-and-one-half times their appropriate regular rate.  The plaintiff and other employees were paid an hourly rate or piece rate.

The lawsuit is seeking to represent all persons who worked for the defendant as a nurse or other job titles performing similar job duties as the plaintiff, at any time three years prior to the filing of this lawsuit.

The defendant is accused of violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The lawsuit is seeking an award of damages for unpaid overtime wages, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees, court costs, expenses and interest.

The plaintiff is represented by David G. Langenfeld of Dunham & Jones P.C. in Austin.  A jury trial is requested.

Case No. 4:13-cv-00181

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