GALVESTON - Claiming two city of Santa Fe workers violated the home rule charter in a couple of past elections, local resident and attorney Michael Aldous is pursuing legal action.
Aldous filed a lawsuit targeting the city in Galveston County Court at Law No. 2 on April 10.

Court papers allege that Eric Bruss and Heather Byrd, also known as Heather Jauch, campaigned against the plaintiff "to a significant degree" when he ran for city council in 2009 and mayor last year, stating they disobeyed the charter's election campaign provision.

The provision states city employees are prohibited from making, soliciting or receiving any contributions to the war chests of any candidate or political party to be used in a city election or in support of or against any contender, or participate in the management, affairs or campaign of any ticket.

According to the suit, Jauch's name was featured at the bottom of a campaign letter critical of the complainant while Bruss is purported to have made a $50 contribution toward the letter's publication.

It further shows some Santa Fe police officers, while donning campaign shirts, reportedly intimidated individuals who spoke to the plaintiff as they approached or left the polls.

Aldous asserts the charter calls for the "immediate forfeiture of employment from the city" should the aforementioned provision be violated.

He seeks an injunction which prompts the defendant to not employ Bruss and Jauch, who are not defendants in the case, for a period of four years from May 2012.

The plaintiff is representing himself, and Galveston County Court at Law No. 2 Judge Barbara Roberts is presiding over the litigation.

Cause No. 69,562

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