GALVESTON - Following a "violent collision" with a driver from League City last year, Harris County resident Kelly Schunior seeks damages.

A lawsuit filed May 30 in Galveston County District Court blames Marie McKnight for the Sept. 16, 2012, incident in question.

Schunior was traveling eastbound on Nasa Road 1 when McKnight pulled onto the public roadway from a private drive and "directly" into the plaintiff's vehicle, the suit says.

It adds the accident left Schunior with injuries.

She blames McKnight for:

  • Failing to yield the right-of-way;

  • Operating her vehicle at a rate of speed in excess of what is allowed by law;

  • Failing to timely apply her brakes; and

  • Failing to keep a proper lookout.

The suit further shows that Schunior's 2005 Mazda Six was damaged and its value has been reduced because of "unrepairable problems."

According to the complainant, the Six's value after repairs was decreased by $5,000.

Schunior consequently sues for physical pain and suffering, impairment, mental anguish, lost wages and medical expenses.

Attorney Richard Morrison of the Law Offices of Richard Morrison P.C. in Kemah is representing the plaintiff, and Galveston County 10th District Court Judge Kerry L. Neves is presiding over the litigation.

Case No. 13-CV-730

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