HOUSTON - Houston resident Rachel Meyer is suing SSCS claiming she was fired for reporting sexual harassment, recent court documents say.

Meyer filed a lawsuit in Harris County District Court on May 15.

Houston federal court received the case on June 7.

The plaintiff explains that the ordeal in question started in or around March 2011 when she and several of her colleagues were in the United Kingdom on business.

During the trip, the company's president, Gahlen Carpenter, purportedly ridiculed Meyer in the presence of her co-workers by asking her if she was enjoying her paid vacation and frequently saying that she should not be on the trip, the suit says.

It further asserts that Carpenter continued with his comments as they visited the home of one of their suppliers, stating he later touched Meyer's breast at a wine bar.

Upon her return to the respondent's offices, according to the original petition, Meyer spoke to the human resources department about what transpired abroad only to be retaliated against.

SSCS terminated the plaintiff in July 2011 to which the suit argues was "for refusing to acquiesce to Carpenter's advances and in retaliation for speaking to human resources about those advances."

Meyer says she then suffered "extreme" emotional distress and mental anguish for which she had to seek medical attention.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney Burke Austin Moore of Pearland is representing the complainant.

Case No. 4:13-CV-1662

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