Some people are just impatient. 

Take the guy in the car behind you at the traffic light. No sooner does the light turn green than he’s leaning on his horn. It just changed and stragglers who failed to beat the red are still crossing through the intersection, but the jerk wants you to plow out anyway.

How about the diner who orders a dish that takes 20 minutes to prepare and a minute later starts threatening to leave the restaurant because he’s having to wait so long for his food?

Or the complete stranger who shows up two hours early for your Saturday morning garage sale, while you’re still in your pajamas eating your breakfast, and pressures you to let her in for a sneak preview before anybody else shows up?

Then, there’s the Southeast Texas Special: the attorney who files a precipitate lawsuit against a company acting promptly and proactively to remediate any damage that may have been caused by an industrial accident.

Think Tony Buzbee.

Tony filed suit in Galveston County District Court against Marathon Petroleum Corp. on behalf of Russell Craig Hudeck and Renea Diamond – just one week after Marathon’s Texas City refinery released an emission that allegedly damaged property belonging to the Tiki Island residents.

The emission occurred on June 7th. Buzbee filed suit on June 14th.

In the meantime, less litigious residents contacted Marathon directly and the company opened a satellite office on the island to facilitate remediation efforts.

As a message board post on noted early on the morning of June 10th, “Marathon had a release Thurs. night. Several residents found brown spots/stains on their houses/boats/cars. Marathon was contacted. Samples were taken. And they will get back to us, on how to remove. . . .”

The poster (“Charlie”) encouraged residents with similar damage to contact Marathon via email (address provided in post) or visit the company’s temporary office on the island.

Buzbee should have given his clients the same advice.

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