Have you ever blamed the wrong person for something? Your child, your co-worker, your neighbor? Something got broken, something went missing, something bad was said about you. Whatever it was, you knew for certain – or thought you knew – who was responsible. So, you took that person to task, only to find out, too late, that the guilty party was someone else. 

Most people feel pretty low when they find out they’ve blamed the wrong person, but not Provost Umphrey attorney Paul Ferguson Jr. He seems to benefit from it. In fact, he’s made a career of it.

Three years ago, Ferguson filed a product liability suit against Ford Motor Co. in Jefferson County District Court on behalf of a man whose wife had died when her Explorer rolled over. Of course, she’d blown out one of her rear tires when she hit an 8-inch 4x4 on Interstate 10, but, obviously, the car was defective, right?

Last year, again in Jefferson County District Court, Ferguson filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of a woman whose husband died when he slammed into a vehicle and an RV that were blocking both lanes of Highway 69. In addition to the two drivers involved in the accident, Ferguson also named the previous owners of the RV as defendants. When provided documentation of the vehicle’s sale, he refused to acknowledge the transfer of their property. Just because you’ve sold something doesn’t mean you’re not still responsible for it, right?

Ferguson was back in Jefferson County District Court this year, suing Domino’s Pizza, et al. on behalf of the estate of a married couple whose vehicle was struck head-on on S. Major Drive in Beaumont when a pizza delivery boy’s car crossed the center line. Ferguson convinced the jury that Domino’s was somehow responsible for this terrible accident and they awarded $32 million to the estate.

Does Ferguson feel bad about targeting the wrong person, again? Not likely.

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