HOUSTON - A former Houston Independent School District employee brought a lawsuit against the school district on allegations she was "bullied and harassed" because of her race and religion before she was ultimately fired.

Talyna Moody initiated the litigation against HISD on Sept. 26 in Houston federal court, claiming she was "singled out and intentionally discriminated against."

The defendant employed Moody as an onboard specialist.

Court papers allege that the plaintiff "would go beyond her job description and classification" only for her onboard manager to "degrade and demean" her.

"On several occasions, the plaintiff would be the minority to a majority problem; however, she was the only person singled out and belittled amongst her peers," the original petition says.

Moody further asserts that said manager "used an improper method to rate the plaintiff for her elevation" which were purportedly a result of "broken and manipulated" policies.

HISD did not comply with its own policy calling for all employees to be treated "with the utmost integrity and respect within their respective departments," the suit says.

It then fired Moody to which she argues was done "without a proper and justifiable reason beyond the excessive and overbearing discrimination practices of her supervisor."

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney L. Mickele' Daniels of L. Mickele' Daniels & Associates in Houston is representing the claimant.

Case No. 4:13-CV-2849

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