GALVESTON - The target of a recent lawsuit alleging it is seeking funds it is not owed, Metro Utility Distribution Solutions Inc. fired back with a counterclaim.

As previously reported, Neurosentinal Group LLC sued MUDS last month on grounds the latter is not entitled to receive $375,898 because it does not hold shares in the plaintiff's venture.

Neurosentinal's suit asserts that the company's relationship with MUDS took a turn for the worse, and the respondent was stripped of its shares during a special meeting in August.

In the counterclaim filed Oct. 11, MUDS insists that Neurosentinal is delinquent on the amount in question and has refused to remit despite written demand.

"The counter plaintiff has fully and/or substantially complied with the company agreement governing the relationship with the parties as anticipated in the agreement," the 24-page document says.

"Despite requesting and receiving services for which payment was properly due based on the agreement entered into between the parties, the counter defendant has refused to pay the balance of the funds owed to the counter plaintiff."

MUDS consequently seeks a declaratory judgment.

Attorney Frederick L. Fuhr of The Fuhr Law Firm in League City is representing the defendant.

Case No. 13-CV-1193

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