Santa Fe attorney loses license for 'lack of respect for the law'

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Oct 23, 2013

GALVESTON - A local attorney who previously ran for Santa Fe City Council as well as engaged in publicized conflicts with the city was recently disbarred.

Michael L. Aldous is prohibited from practicing law in the state, according to a revocation of probationary license order issued by the Supreme Court of Texas earlier this month.

Documents from July shows that Aldous, who held a probationary license since the spring of 2011, failed to comply with a March 7 order from the Board of Law Examiners.

Court papers state Aldous's civil litigation history "is indicative of a lack of trustworthiness in carrying out responsibilities and a lack of respect for the law."

They also attribute the three-member panel's decision to strip Aldous of his license to his mental health history, citing two psychiatrists' assessments.

In addition to not performing legal services or referring to himself as "counselor at law," Aldous is ordered to "provide immediate, written notification of the revocation to each of his clients."

He is required to return to those individuals or their attorneys "any files, papers, unearned funds and other property in his possession."

He also has at least a month to notify the courts in which he has pending cases of his disbarment.

Aldous is allowed to petition the board for a re-determination of his moral character no earlier than six months from the date of the revocation of his license and no earlier than the date of his full compliance of the board's curative measures, the order says.

His passing score for the July 2009 Texas Bar Exam is further ordered to be extended for two years.

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