Not happy with the amount of money the Texas Trial Lawyers Association is spending on political campaigns, three big name attorneys have formed a new group to help support their favorite candidates.

Houston attorney Steve Mostyn, the biggest donor to Democratic candidates in the state, has started the Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers with Amy Witherite of Dallas and Kurt Arnold of Houston.

Mostyn, a past president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, said the group’s goal is to get more money into the hands of candidates without the bloated overhead in the TTLA, according to an article in the Texas Tribune.

The new non-profit group will have a related political action committee for donating to campaigns.

Mostyn said he was frustrated that too much of the dues being paid to TTLA are going to compensation for key employees and leaving too little for campaign spending.

According to the Texas Tribune, TTLA President Brad Parker said he welcomed the creation of the group and does not see it as competition.

In 2012, Mostyn and his wife were ranked by the Houston Chronicle as the top Texas givers to Democratic Super PACs, including Priorities USA, which supported the re-election of President Obama.


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