TDCJ non-suited from retaliation suit

By David Yates | Nov 6, 2013

Joseph Turano has non-suited Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Alphonso James from his suit claiming he was demoted after cooperating with an investigation against the warden.

As previously reported, on Jan. 10 Turano filed suit against the TDCJ and James in Jefferson County District Court, alleging retaliation for his cooperation. 

Court records show that on May 2 Turano filed a motion for non-suit with prejudice for both defendants.

On Aug. 28 Judge Gary Sanderson, 6oth District Court, granted the motion, dismissing the defendants.

According to the lawsuit, Turano worked for the TDCJ for approximately 25 years and boasted an exemplary employment record. In November 2011, he cooperated with an agency investigation into James.

“The retaliation by Warden James began after that, and it has caused him to be demoted from a Captain to a Sergeant, suffer loss in wages, loss of preferred hours/schedule, loss of his assignment to a preferred unit, placement on disciplinary probation and has slandered his reputation,” the suit states.

The suit accused the defendants of unlawful employment practices, retaliation for refusing to commit an illegal act and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Turano was suing for the damage caused to his reputation, reinstatement of his rank, lost earnings and emotional pain and mental anguish.

Port Arthur attorney Brandon Monk represents him.

Case No. B193-814

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