GALVESTON - Best Buy Co., Inc. replied to a former Marine's lawsuit stemming from a car fire in the parking lot of its League City store which allegedly affected his mental health.

In an original petition filed Nov. 4, the consumer electronics company asserts Manuel Lee Cervantez III's claims "are not true."

Best Buy correctly identified itself as Best Buy Stores LP.

As previously reported, Cervantez initiated legal against Best Buy after some electronic equipment he purchased from the defendant and had installed in his Ford Focus triggered the aforementioned fire.

The plaintiff, a disabled veteran suffering from post traumatic distress syndrome, explains he "exited the vehicle immediately before it blew up causing him severe mental distress," stating he was caused “to relive incidents that occurred in Afghanistan.”

Cervantez adds the inferno prompted him to seek therapy.

Though he is receiving treatment, the original petition states, the complainant “is still afraid to travel in the vicinity of the scene.”

Meanwhile, Best Buy counters that the plaintiff caused the event over which he sues.

It argues he misused the electronics and "no warranties, either express or implied, accompanied the sale of goods" detailed in his suit.

Attorney J. Daniel Woodall of Gaunt, Earl & Binney LLP in The Woodlands is representing the respondent.

Cause No. 70,859

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