An agreed final judgment has been entered in a suit between attorneys over attorney’s fees. 

As previously reported, Beaumont attorney Daniel Clayton, alleging he was not paid for preparing an appeal, filed suit against Eddie Schroeder, also a Beaumont attorney, along with Khai Tran and Hai Hoang on Dec. 31 in Jefferson County District Court.

Court records show that an agreed final judgment was entered on May 2.

The judgment states that the parties announced that the matter had been compromised and settled. The terms of the settlement are not disclosed.

According to the lawsuit, Clayton prepared and filed an appellate brief on behalf of Tran and Hoang, who are defendants in separate litigation. The appeal was brought at the urging and request of Schroeder.

Schroeder, who promised to pay Clayton, then abandoned the appeal, the suit claimed

Clayton alleged that he was entitled to recover $11,446.28 in attorney’s fees.

“Plaintiff provided valuable services and materials to defendants picking up and completing an abandoned appeal,” the suit states. “Plaintiff invoiced the defendants for these services which defendants have not protested.”

Clayton represented himself.

Judge Gary Sanderson, 6oth District Court, presided.

Case No. B193-781

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