Our View: Sam Houston, the 'nonpartisan' choice for attorney general

By The SE Texas Record | Jan 14, 2014

Ever notice how Republicans are partisan and Democrats nonpartisan?

Republicans are always trying to impose their values on everyone else, but Democrats never do that. 

The explanation is simple. Any position a Republican takes is, ipso facto, partisan. Conversely, any Democratic position is inherently nonpartisan. You can’t even call it a position, really. It’s more like a norm or a standard. It’s only when you deviate from this non-position that you actually take a position and become partisan.

Democratic values are universal values. Everyone naturally shares them, so it’s not really possible to impose them on anyone. It’s only partisan people (i.e., Republicans) who refuse to admit that they share these universal values, and that’s because they’re mentally or morally defective and not entirely human, many Democratic politicians allege.

If this assessment makes sense to you, you’re undoubtedly a “nonpartisan” Democrat who would never impose your values on anyone -- and Sam Houston is the candidate for you in the upcoming election for state attorney general.

There are several partisan Republicans running to replace incumbent AG Greg Abbott. Houston is a “nonpartisan” Democrat vying for the position. He vows to “change the partisan atmosphere” that he claims currently characterizes the attorney general’s office.

“Republicans are using the office to help themselves and not the state,” Houston claims. That’s because they’re partisan.

Democrats like Houston, on the other hand, are “nonpartisan” and supposedly would use the office to help the state and not themselves. If you’ve paid attention to the habits of Democratic politicians on the local, state, and national levels, you know that this is how they say they operate.

Houston says the state attorney general shouldn’t be filing lawsuits against our overreaching federal government. That’s being partisan. Instead, the AG’s office should be exploited as a profit center, “bringing in money” by threatening successful private enterprises with suits and pressuring them into lucrative settlements. That’s nonpartisan.

If that’s the kind of non-partisanship you want for Texas, you’ll vote for Houston.

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