It has taken almost 15 years, but the last of the lawsuits over the collapse of the Texas A&M University bonfire that killed 12 students has concluded.

The final defendants, Zachry Construction Corp. and Scott-Macon Equipment, reached settlements with the parents of four students who were killed and three injured survivors, according to Fort Worth Star Telegram. The companies provided cranes and crane operators for the construction of the bonfire.

Scott-Macon, a San Antonio company, agreed to pay $171,147 but the final settlement including how much Zachry Construction paid is being kept confidential. Associated Press

The plaintiffs were represented by Darrell Keith, a Fort Worth attorney.

The A&M bonfire was a 90-year-old campus tradition until Nov. 18, 1999. About 70 students were on the 60-foot-high log pile when it collapsed. Twelve people were killed and 27 were injured.

Keith filed the first suit in Tarrant County in March 2001. It and two others were consolidated in Brazos County, where Texas A&M is located.

More than 65 defendants were named in the suits, including the university, campus officials, the construction companies and even some student leaders. The cases were mediated and did not go to trial.

A&M and construction supervisors previously settled lawsuits in the tragedy for about $8 million.

“All the parties have settled,” Keith told the newspaper. “I’m very satisfied. We accomplished our goals. We attained fair compensation.”


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