New app promises to connect users with lawmakers

By David Yates | May 18, 2014

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – A new app is promising to change the way Americans interact with Capitol Hill lawmakers.

The app Countable, launched Thursday, offers one-click communication to America’s legislators and digestible descriptions of any given bill in Congress, according to a press release.

Some of the app’s consultants include political insiders, like Joe Trippi, a tech expert who worked on Howard Dean’s campaign in 2003-2004.

“I truly believe that Countable will become the go-to app for influencing lawmakers, and will shake up the process,” Trippi said.

According to the press release, Countable makes policymaking accessible for constituents in three straightforward ways:

-It offers a succinct and digestible description of any given piece of legislation in the House and Senate, along with brief pro and con arguments;

-It provides constituents with a way to tell representative and senators how to vote, with just one click; and

-It supplies tools to keep users informed as to whether legislators voted the way they were urged to.

“The reason Countable will succeed with the public is it truly boils down the issues, and it is easy to use,” said Bart Myers, CEO of Countable.

“Politics are far too complex and inaccessible, as is. Countable’s strength is that it makes politics and policy accessible to both those who watch the 24-hour news cycle, and those who may not. Unlike other attempts at political and policy apps, there is huge growth potential, with Countable.”

Countable will soon launch a web-based app, with iPhone and Android apps planned for rollout, the press release states.

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