A truck driver and his employer are being sued after allegedly causing a fatal accident.

Irsat Seyda and Arife Seyda, individually and as parents and next of friends of Sare Seyda, deceased, filed suit June 2 in the Galveston Division of the Southern District of Texas against Ironman Express LLC, Eric Rieger and Matthew Garrett.

According to the complaint, Irsat Seyda was driving south on State Highway 288 near the intersection with County Road 48 South on April 10, with Sare Seyda as a passenger.  At that time Rieger, operating under the employment of defendants Ironmann and Garrett, violently rear-ended the vehicle driven by the plaintiff, sending other vehicles into the grass. Irsat Seyda suffered severe injuries and Sare Seyda died from the crash, the suit states.

The defendant Reiger is accused of failing to control his speed, failing to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of him, failing to keep a proper lookout and failing to brake in time to avoid a collision. The other named defendants are accused of vicarious responsibility, negligent hiring, negligent training and negligent entrustment. 

The Seydas are seeking damages in excess of the jurisdictional minimum, plus costs. They are represented by attorney Yalcin Karadag of Karadag Law Firm PLLC in Houston.

Galveston Division of the Southern District of Texas Case No. 3:14-CV-00185 This is a report on a civil lawsuit filed at Galveston Division Courthouse. The details in this report come from an original complaint filed by a plaintiff. Please note, a complaint represents an accusation by a private individual, not the government. It is not an indication of guilt and it only represents one side of the story.

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