Black man says he can't live in home because of racist neighbors

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 4, 2014

A black man has filed suit against a subdivision, alleging the owners of the land made false promises to him.

David Lauord Dodd alleges he was renting to own a home at 114 Nob Hill Circle in Clearwater Bay, which is a subdivision in Malakoff. Dodd cleaned the land around the home but later found out there was a deed restricting anyone from living on the property.

"I was told to my face by a white female on a Sunday morning that we could not live in Clearwater subdivision because of the color of my skin," Dodd wrote in his complaint filed Sept. 15 in the Eastern District of Texas.

Dodd says he lost everything since attempting to clear the land.

"I have lost two cars, my girlfriend almost died because of her sickness, we moved around and lived where we could for almost a year," the suit states. "We lost all our savings because of this matter."

In his complaint, Dodd seeks $2.5 million and also asks the court to force every Clearwater owner to make a statement to Channel 8 news, saying they do not want people of color living in their neighborhood.

Dodd will be appearing pro se.

Eastern District of Texas case number: 1:14-CV-468

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