Galveston County Court

A Houston man is suing a contractor for a breach of contract for not completing a job that was paid for in full.

Bin Xu filed a lawsuit against contractor Robert Trost on July 16 in Galveston Country Court for failing to complete work as outlined in a contract between the two parties.

Bin Xu entered into a written agreement with contractor Robert Trost for materials and construction of a boathouse and walkway in Seabrook Texas on October 15, 2014. The contract for $39,959 was paid to Trost in full and stated that the work was to be completed within 30-40 days. On May 11 Trost allegedly abandoned all work on the project.

Xu is seeking damages for the cost of retaining new contractors, attorney’s fees and the money originally paid to Trost. Xu is represented by Houston based attorney Lawrence F. Cerf.

Case CV -0074705 Galveston County Court

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