There's more than one way to go for the jackpot at a casino

By The SE Texas Record | Jul 21, 2015

Some things you can take for granted.

Open a refrigerator, for instance, and you're likely to find food. Sure, the “cupboard” could be bare, but odds are the fridge will contain some quantity of edible material.

You'd wonder about someone who opened a refrigerator and was shocked to discover something to eat. “Food found in fridge. Film at 11.”

The same goes for garbage cans. Open a garbage can and you're quite likely to find garbage in it. Of course, if it's out on the curb and the garbage truck has just passed, it could be empty, but odds are otherwise that it will have some amount of refuse in it, and you'd likely look askance at someone shouting, “Say, there's garbage in here!”

If you jumped into a swimming pool and got wet, you reasonably couldn’t claim that you weren't expecting that. A pool's supposed to have water in it, at least between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Pools can be drained, to be sure, but you wouldn't jump into one, much less dive headfirst.

A reasonable person would not be surprised to find water in a pool – or even outside a pool, in the area immediately adjacent to it. After all, people in pools get wet. When they get out of pools, they drip, and the apron around the pool and everything on it get wet, too.

You can bet that the pool steps, the pool ladder, and the ladder going up the pool slide will all be wet – and slippery – what with wet people going up and down them all the time with wet hands and wet feet.

It's hard to believe that Tiffany Rodriguez of Fort Bend County did not realize that the slide at the swimming pool at the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles might be slippery.

Nevertheless, she is suing the casino for injuries her son allegedly received when he slipped on the slide.

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