July 22

Innovative Automation LLC v. 3M Company 2:15-cv-01334-JRG-RSP

Innovative Automation LLC v. Baker & Taylor, LLC et al 2:15-cv-01335-JRG-RSP

Innovative Automation LLC v. Disney Online Inc. 2:15-cv-01336-JRG-RSP

Innovative Automation LLC v. Plex, Inc. 2:15-cv-01337-JRG-RSP

Plaintiff Innovative Automation is based in San Jose, Calif.

The company is pursuing legal action in response to alleged infringement of United States Patent Number No. 7,174,362, entitled “Method and System for Supplying Products from Pre-Stored Digital Data in Response to Demands Transmitted via Computer Network.”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the ‘362 Patent on Feb. 6, 2007. The ’362 patent generally describes and claims a computer-implemented method of digital data duplication.

Innovative Automation asserts that the patent in question has been infringed or continues to be infringed upon in that it was made, used, offered to sell, sold and/or imported into the U.S. According to the complainant, it has suffered damages as a result of the purported acts.

Consequently, Innovative Automation seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorneys Todd M. Kennedy of the law firm Gutride Sufier LLP in San Francisco and Robert Christopher Bunt and Charles Ainsworth of the law firm Parker, Bunt & Ainsworth, P.C. in Tyler are representing the plaintiff.

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