The children of a man who died as the result of injuries he sustained in a work accident are suing the employer for allegedly causing their father's wrongful death.

Man Nguyen and Chau Nguyen, individually and as representatives of the estate of Minh Nguyen, filed a lawsuit July 7 in Jefferson County District Court against Lady More, alleging negligence.

According to the filing, on Aug. 17, 2013, Minh Nguyen was performing his duties as a seaman on the deck of a commercial fishing vessel owned and operated by the defendant when a portion of the boat's fishing equipment broke and caused him to be hit in the head by a large metal pulley. Minh endured a severe head injury which left him in critical condition for 38 days in the hospital and ultimately led to his death, the suit says.

The lawsuit alleges Lady More failed to provide Minh Nguyen with a reasonably safe place to work or ensure that the vessel was in a safe, seaworthy condition and its equipment was properly maintained. The suit says the defendant also breached its duty owed to Minh by allowing damaged or faulty equipment to remain on the vessel and requiring him to use unsafe methods in the scope of his work duties.

The plaintiffs allege their father suffered extreme physical pain and mental anguish before his death, while they themselves have and will continue to suffer from mental anguish, loss of companionship, loss of inheritance, and expenses for their father's medical care and funeral.

Man and Chau Nguyen seek actual and exemplary damages, plus court costs and other relief deemed appropriate by the court. They are are represented by attorneys Matias J. Adrogue and Robert Stephan Kaase of Matias J. Adrogue in Houston.

Jefferson County District Court case number B-197309.

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