A Jefferson County man is suing an automotive repair shop and the shop’s owner, alleging his vehicle was not repaired according to the contract.

Matthew Haynie filed a lawsuit July 24 in Jefferson County District Court against John Mark Jones and Jones Automotive, alleging fraud, breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation.

According to the complaint, on Jan. 10, 2010, Haynie took his vehicle to Jones Automotive in Port Arthur and was given an estimate of $6,750 for the repair of his Bronco but, after beginning work, Jones Automotive began requesting more money to continue repairs. The new amount reached $16,722, the suit says, but the work was never completed and the costs far exceeded the original estimates. I

n December 2011, Haynie was informed Jones Automotive was going out of business, a claim that was false, according to the lawsuit. Haynie then notified Jones that he planned to file a lawsuit, and Jones allegedly notified him the business had filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2009, the suit says, but, in fact, Jones filed for personal bankruptcy and the business was not involved.

Haynie was informed the Bronco was transferred to a wrecker service July 19, 2013, and he has no knowledge of what happened to the vehicle after the transfer, the suit says. According to the lawsuit, the work outlined in the original estimate was not completed, Haynie never had use of the vehicle and none of his money was returned.

Haynie seeks exemplary damages including pre- and post-judgment interest, court costs and attorney fees. He is represented by attorney Peter F. Doyle Jr. of Port Arthur.

Jefferson County District Court case number B197-376.

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