A teacher is suing a Harris County corporation for alleged civil rights violation and discrimination in 2015.

Elias Rubio filed a lawsuit against Neighborhood Centers Inc. in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas on June 30, claiming discriminatory in March.

According to the complaint, Rubio, a Hispanic male, worked for the defendant in Houston. He alleges that the company failed to take prompt corrective action in response to acts of discrimination based on race, gender and age (52).

The suit states that Rubio endured harassment, a hostile work environment, threats, and ultimately termination. The plaintiff maintains that he was expected to maintain his work responsibilities without access to the same supplies, equipment, personnel and support that his co-workers were given.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff denies a supervisor’s previous allegations that he refused to do his job by countering that he could not complete tasks without proper equipment such as a laptop computer and support from a designated teacher’s aide.

Rubio avers that when he spoke up about unequal treatment, hostility increased and he was dismissed. He claims that he was discharged for merely pretextual reasons. Additionally, he contends that a Caucasian female was rude to him in front of students and that overt verbal abuse and physical gestures were frequently directed at him.

The plaintiff seeks injunctive action to halt the alleged harassment, reinstatement, compensatory damages, back and front pay, attorney’s fees, expenses and costs. The plaintiff is represented by Afton Izen in Bellaire.

Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas Case 4:15-cv-01866.

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