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By David Yates | Aug 10, 2015

Story CopyList for page 1 and article order.

Story Copy

List for page 1 and article order.

- Abbott adds support to Houston industries fighting city’s clean air ordinance (Abbott to the rescue) (A nice big fat generic pic of a smelly refinery would be good)

- Apple blamed for fatal collision. Woman was checking messages on iPhone

- Dallas judge orders pizzeria to pay rape victim $16M

- Texas voter ID law not a poll tax but has discriminatory effect, Fifth Circuit finds

Page 2 top story: Woman sues airline after hot tea slides off tray table and lands in lap


Top: Tea off? Airline passenger says tea landed in lap. Pg. 2

Local: Enterprise Products sued for punitive damages. Barge inspector blames ‘inadequate lighting’ for fall. Pg.4

State: Sandra Bland’s mom sues Texas DPS. Officer accused of falsifying an allegation of assault to arrest her. Pg. 2

Federal: Class action lawsuit brought against AllTech. Complaint alleges staffing firm not paying overtime wages. Pg. 8

Case digest: Verizon Southwest sues Houston contractor. Able Paving accused of damaging underground fiber optics facilities. Pg. 5

Opinion: Will the BP settlement go where it should? President of Louisiana Oil and Gas Association weighs in. Pg. 3

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