Can't find a public restroom? Thank Jonathan!

By Record Admin | Aug 17, 2015

We're not on a Seinfeld kick.

We're not on a Seinfeld kick. It's just that, for two weeks running, the subjects of our editorials have reminded us of famous scenes from that classic comedy series.

Last week, in commenting on the passage of House Bill 1492, requiring asbestos plaintiffs to serve notice of their trust claims, we referenced the double-dipping scene in which George Costanza (Jason Alexander) is chastised by a fellow guest for twice dipping the same tortilla chip in a sour-cream mix at a cocktail party.

This week's subject reminds us of the famous episode in which Kramer (Michael Richards) is repeatedly frustrated in his effort to access a public restroom and develops a distressing case of constipation as a result.

Kramer really has to go, it's an emergency, but the facilities at NBC Studios where he's waiting for an audition are occupied, the ones at the restaurant across the street are for customers only, the ones at the nearby Broadway theater are reserved for play-goers with tickets, etc.

“Now I've got a big problem, buddy,” Kramer tells Seinfeld later, back at the apartment building where they live. “I waited so long, I missed my chance, and now I can't get it back.”

Anyone who's ever been in a similar situation knows the feeling and can empathize with Kramer. Anyone who's been lucky enough to avoid ever having this unpleasant experience can thank Beaumont personal injury attorney Jonathan Juhan for helping to make it more likely for everyone in the future.

One of Juhan's clients claims to have slipped on a “substance” on the floor of the restroom at the Twin City Wal-Mart on Sept. 15, 2013 and now, two years later, is suing

the store in Jefferson County District Court for $200,000 in damages.

We wonder how long Wal-Mart and other stores will continue to put themselves at legal risk by offering this convenience for their customers.

Remember, when you can't find a john, thank Jonathan.

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