A Dallas Cowboys wide receiver claims he hasn’t received his fair share of the proceeds from a fantasy football promotion.

Dez Bryant first filed his petition against respondents Giving God the Glory Enterprises (G3 Sports) and its president, Damien Butler, on May 15 in Dallas County District Court.

Court records show that on Aug. 6 Bryant amended his petition, seeking to depose Butler over monies owed to the wide receiver over a FanDuel fantasy football promotion agreement “that generated substantial amounts of money.”

Bryant claims more than $60,000 owed to him from the promotion was paid to G3 Sports and Butler.

A letter seeking all documents related to Bryant was sent to the respondents but was “completely ignored,” the petition alleges.

“Due to Petitioner’s failure to receive the monies owed to him and because of

Respondents’ refusal to turn over or authorize the turnover of documents related to these funds paid to Respondents, Petitioner may have causes of action against one or both Respondents for, among other things, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, conversion, and misrepresentation,” the petition states.

“The burden and minimal expense in providing this information through pre-suit deposition is much less expensive and less burdensome for Respondents than defending against a lawsuit regarding the disposition of these funds and the failure to pay them to Petitioner.

“Petitioner seeks to identify whether Respondents kept these funds for themselves or paid them over to one or more third parties.”

Bryant seeks Butler’s deposition pursuant to Rule 202.1 of the Texas Civil Code.

On July 23 Butler filed a response to Bryant’s first petition, stating that Rule 202 is “not a license for forced interrogations” and that the wide receiver’s request is “nothing other than a fishing expedition.”

Bryant is represented in part by Kenneth Broughton, attorney for the Houston law firm Reed Smith.

Dallas attorney John D. Nation represents Butler.

Case No. C-15-05629

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