A seaman is suing his former employer following injuries he allegedly sustained aboard one of its vessels.

Jerald Ashmun filed a complaint Sept. 2 in the Galveston Division of the Southern District of Texas against Breathwit Marine Contractors Ltd., alleging negligence and breach of contract.

The complaint states that on July 31, 2014, while Ashmun was employed by the defendant as a crew member aboard the marine vessle Alex B, a broken hydraulic line made the vessel's decks slippery, causing Ashmun to slip and injure himself. Then, the complaint states, on Aug. 21, the defendant agreed to pay Ashmun $200 per day until he reached maximum medical improvement, but the defendant rescinded the agreement.

As a result of the defendant's negligence and breach of contract, Ashmun has experienced pain and suffering, mental anguish, humiliation, loss of earnings, incurred medical expenses, and aggravated a prior condition.

Ashmun seeks compensatory damages with interest, plus court costs and attorney fees.

He is represented by Dennis M. O'Bryan of O'Bryan Baun Karamanian in Birmingham, Mich.

Galveston Division of the Southern District of Texas case number 3:15-cv-00235

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