Three Texas individuals are suing over claims of unpaid wages while employed at the Longview El Pollo Regio restaurant.

Roel Ovalle-Arguello, Gerardo Roman-Chavez and Alonso Zamora-Carmona filed a civil action complaint Sept. 4 in the Sherman Division of the Eastern District of Texas against Three Sisters from Carrollton LLC and Luis Ramirez, alleging unpaid minimum wages and overtime pay in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The defendants, the complaint states, own and operate three El Pollo Regio restaurants, one in Dallas, one in Lewisville, and one in Longview.

The complaint states that while employed as routine kitchen workers in the Longview restaurant over the last few years, the plaintiffs regularly worked up to 60 hours or more per week, but were not paid the federally- and state-mandated minimum wage or time-and-a-half for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

The plaintiffs seek to recover unpaid minimum wages and overtime compensation, liquidated damages and attorney fees and court costs. They are represented by Christopher J. Willett of Equal Justice Center in Austin.

Sherman Division of the Eastern District of Texas case number 4:15-cv-00606

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