Recent patent infringement cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas

By David Yates | Sep 11, 2015


Sept. 8

Carnition LLC v. Lenovo (United States) Inc. 2:15-cv-01505-JRG

Carnition LLC v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 2:15-cv-01506-JRG

Plaintiff Carnition is based in Frisco.

Carnition alleges infringement of United States Patent Number 7,428,707 (“the ‘707 patent”) entitled “Customizable Web Site Access System and Method Therefore”.

The ‘707 Patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Sept. 23, 2008.

The ‘707 patent provides, among other things, “A computer-implemented auto-composing web site access system.”

“The plaintiff is the owner by assignment of the ‘707 patent and possesses all rights of recovery under the ‘707 patent, including the exclusive right to sue for infringement and recover past damages,” the complaint states.

Consequently, Carnition seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorney Austin Hansley of the law firm Austin Hansley PLLC in Dallas is representing the plaintiff.

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