A Jefferson County man is suing an Orange County woman after a vehicle collision in Beaumont.

Jesus Rocha filed a complaint Sept. 18 in Jefferson County District Court against Tera Wood, alleging negligence.

On Feb. 13, the complaint states, while traveling on Interstate 10 in Beaumont, Rocha noticed traffic slowing down ahead of him. When he began to slow down, Wood rear-ended his truck and caused him to lose control.

The complaint states Wood was negligent in failing to operate a vehicle in a reasonable manner, failing to maintain a proper lookout, failing to control her speed and timely apply her brakes, and failing to take proper evasive action to avoid a wreck.

As a result, Rocha sustained injuries and physical impairment, incurred medical expenses, lost earning capacity, and suffered other damages.

Rocha seeks monetary relief between $100,000 and $200,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

He is represented by Malachi Daws of The Daws Law Firm in Beaumont.

Jefferson County District Court case number E-197578

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