MARSHALL—A Texas man is suing a driver and trucking company for negligence after a car accident that was allegedly caused by the defendant.

Royce Emery Russell filed a complaint on Jan. 14 in the Marshall County District Court against Earnest Ray Hildreth, Lion Oil Trucking and Lion Oil Company alleging negligence.

Russell was driving his car on Interstate 20 on July 23, 2015. The suit states he was controlling his car in a safe and responsible manner when he approached a construction zone. Upon seeing the construction area, the plaintiff allegedly stopped his vehicle. At this same time, Hildreth, a driver for Lion Oil, was also approaching. The suit claims that the defendant failed to apply his brakes in sufficient time to stop, thus causing him to collide with the plaintiff's car. The collision of the defendant's car with the rear of the plaintiff's vehicle allegedly caused the plaintiff to collide with the car in front of him, resulting in life-altering injuries.

Russell seeks damages, interest and court costs. He is represented by Clay Wilder of Wilder & Wilder PC in Henderson, Texas.

Marshall County District Court Case number 2:16-cv-00042

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